• Learning to set goals and targets - properly. (year 8 upwards)
  • Goal Mapping (year 7 upwards)


  • Self esteem - meet yourself. (year 7 upwards)
  • Bounce-back-ability (year 9 upwards) - resilience and managing failure.
  • Becoming more confident.


  • Pre-exam Calmness. State management and strategies for optimal examination performance. (Year 5 upwards)


  • Communicating more effectively. (year 5 upwards) - use of simple behavioural profiling to understand personality and 'difference'.
  • Managing Conflict


  • Identity. Where do I fit in? What is important? (year 7 upwards)
  • Who am I? What are my values? (Year 10 upwards)
  • Who am I? What are my values? My Strengths and weaknesses. Gathering information (through profiling) for writing a Personal Statement. (VI Form)
  • Learning to set goals and targets - properly.​ Including strategies to use with students across all subject areas.
  • Part 1 - Behavioural/Personality Profiling and effective communication in the work place
  • Part 2 - Understanding yourself and understanding your students​. Including 'managing conflict'.


GCSE TO A LEVEL – becoming an ‘independent learner’ - Proactive or reactive? What does independent learning mean? You learning at your best is like what? (Clean language and metaphors). Learning ‘style’. Visualisation (results day). What will you do differently from GCSE/next year? What would you change last year? Goals – things you will do differently. Comfort zones and stretch zones. Setting goals. Facing new challenges. Daily goals, daily actions. Power of habit.

VI FORM GOALS, MOTIVATION, PROCRASTINATION & TIME MANAGEMENT - Nature of motivation, neuroscience of self-control, the fear of fear, keeping things moving, metaphors of time, reward bias, time management or attention management? Focus and concentration, connecting with your future self, reverse goal setting, flow goal setting (avoiding overwhelm or apathy). Other hacks and setting up to avoid problems, and finally…”stop doing stupid sh*t”!

VI FORM – WHO AM I? Revealing Personality, how it relates to career choice and generating information for a Personal Statement and interviews. (my personal values and career values)

TRANSITION – VI FORM & BEYOND (to university and life!) – challenges I may face, making the right subject choice, transferable skills, issues to consider pre-uni, fitting in, looking after myself, independent-er learning, financial management, starting to think about what you want from life.

School Self-Development Workshops

"...Interactive, noisy.....physical, promote thinking.....take-away tools and techniques..."

I work with small or large groups. My requirements are a presentation facilities (screen), flip charts and photocopying for each student's worksheet. Floor space and/or break-out rooms can be useful.

Workshops & Presentations to Students - Themes

  • Positive Parenting​
  • Behavioural/Personality profiling and understanding your child better. (this complements the student and staff workshop)​

Workshops & Presentations to Staff - Themes

Workshops & Presentations to Parents - Themes