​​"What I have come away with after just 6 sessions, is not only an armoury of defence mechanisms, and an array of weapons in my mental approach to my sport that is truly astounding, but a whole new structured game plan that will improve my performance and enjoyment of future competitions".

(Dionne , 7 times World champion, 19 times British Champion, Helice Clay Pigeon)

"I worked with Jenny (over 4 weeks) digging into patterns that began 55yrs ago. Jenny’s use of Coaching, NLP and DISC Profiling sat well with both our flexible ways of thinking and processing. 

Though we intended to work with a clear coaching model I was glad that Jenny was able to see that I would benefit from diverting from the norm. Jenny supported me with her intelligence and intuition to look at quite different ways of living, looking and being.

Many thanks for your time jenny."

Ruth, London

Qualifications verified by findatherapy.org:​

"I found when working with Jenny she worked with care, dedication and commitment and passion. I knew I would get something out of every session I had with her and I think that is crucial when working with someone, to know every session will bring something helpful is a fantastic feeling."

(Year 10 Student)

“Hi Jen - Addendum to my email re M. He has signed the work experience form with no cajoling from any of us! Now he needs to commit to visiting them in half term but one step at a time!"
"….just wanted you to know that M has gone for his first day of work experience in London. He got up by himself, showered and looked uber smart! I feel so proud of him I had to share......Thanks again for your help and support.”

Hazel, Mum (Caterham)

"The sessions with Jen were most enlightening.  I have applied the learnings at home, work and with my sport.  In this age when many people are not wanting for the material things in life, I totally recommend sessions with Jen as money well spent."

Andy, West Sussex

"We invited Jenny in to College to talk to our Talent Athlete Group and Academic GCSE PE Students. The sessions were engaging and students were actively challenged both mentally and physically too. A thought-provoking and thoroughly worthwhile set of sessions- we will be asking Jenny back next year."

Fi Drinkall (Epsom College), Sport Mindset Workshop Series

"​It was great! I had a really good time and learnt a lot about my colleagues and myself… I would loved this to have been a whole day workshop!"

LND Staff, Communication and Profiling in the Workplace

"I liked that was it useful and physical – I enjoyed it.  I learned that I can do things. I will look at things more positively....I liked the different methods to improve anxiety. I liked the relaxed atmosphere. I will try to remember the methods, such as more sleep, more exercise....."

Sackville School, Pre-Exam Workshop

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your help coaching my son.  I feel he has really improved his attitude to  life since he's been talking to you. He is more engaged, interested  and friendly. He now seems to think about how we might be feeling about his behaviour which stops him flying off the handle quite as readily. He's even starting conversations and smiling occasionally!! So different to when I first met you
Thank you also for your coaching help for me. I feel much more confident that I have the tools to cope with any difficult behaviour and I am working on how I respond to his outbursts.
Our relationship is much improved and its very much down to your help for us both. I'm so glad I met you when I did-don't know where I'd be now otherwise."

Sam (mum)

".....With Jenny’s thoughtful questioning I created a clear target for this issue......."

Catherine, Teacher

"Jenny has coached me many times and every time she coaches me she adds something to my life.  She helps me to gain clarity and perspective on the topic we are working on." Margo, Personal Trainer

"She was very professional…… non-judgemental…..was adept at digging down and really making me think things through!  Jenny is knowledgeable, able to quote from items she had read, recommending some books to me for my own private study if I wished……..Jenny has done an amazing job with me! My life has really moved forward in some very tricky areas that I had become completely “stuck” in. I feel much more in control of where my life is going and am no longer passively moaning about things that aren’t working in my favour! Thanks, Jenny!"

 Judy (Epsom)

"I found the coaching extremely helpful and would recommend Jenny to others. The sessions with Jenny have have improved my confidence and self-belief.”

Christine (teacher)

"Jenny’s life coaching skills bring energy, insightful-ness and warmth into the emotional and logistics side of things with thoughtful management.  She is a diamond and I am so glad to have found her.  Thank you so much Jenny."
Louise (Therapist)

"Generally you have given me a greater level of understanding about how I function that will enable me to work with my skill set more effectively. – Thank You! It is powerful!"
Caroline (Tunbridge Wells)

"The coaching sessions were very useful to getting focus and clarity in my thoughts.
Talking to Jenny was very empowering and encouraging. The tools and techniques that she provided me were very practical and useful. I still use them and I have noticed positive results already!
I am very grateful to Jenny for her dedication and professionalism in coaching me. Thank you Jenny!"

Sonia (Spain)​​